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Hi Cris,

Really enjoyed yesterday. Very informative. A very well set up learning Experience. The whole studio lighting set up and camera settings were explained in layman terms. Each of the lights characteristics were Discussed along with the cost of each and how to use and more importantly how to adjust to create different effects. The models used were very Professional and adapted to various scenarios easily. The one aspect of the course I found most interesting was the one light set up with a backdrop and a reflector which produced a very good lighting effect and would be a good starting point in creating your own studio.

I would thoroughly recommend this information packed course which is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere.

Neil Hutchinson


Hi Cris, firstly thanks for today,

It's was a strange and alien environment for myself in studio and looked a little daunting at first glance. However I really enjoyed it and was fascinated by the lighting set ups and the different effects achievable and I know I've learnt some new stuff today so thanks for that.

Having done it now, I've learnt a lot and I think in another session I would benefit a great deal more too. So next time you do another studio session I will definitely be up for doing it again.

Trevor Warrender

Cheers, Trevor.


Hi Cris

Just a quick note to say thank you todays shoot. Really enjoyed it. Learnt a lot and just hope I took it all in! Let the editing begin!

Thanks again


Patrick Walker


"Cris has taught myself in many other areas for many years always to an extremely high standard with a high level of attention, this was a photographic course based around studio photography and this was of the same high standard, we covered everything from different lighting and how different lighting affects the shot, how to use different lighting to create different moods, we had live models who were excellent at what they did and really helped us nervous photographers. Cris’s knowledge in this field is second to none and I would highly recommend any courses that he runs in the future."

Glyn Smith


Tina Bulley,

Loved the course but has had to shoot off on her travels so will not be able to supply images or a full feedback until she returns. She assured me it was well worth attending.


I now have just three more places on my next planned studio course which will offer different lighting set ups and also product photography in studio.


To book email me at [email protected]

I love great feedback on our photography courses and

these guys certainly enjoyed it.

Trevor warrenders studio set up day 10 01 2018_InP

Let Cris come to your home and firstly advise you on the best lighting set ups, where to get them from a great prices and then return and help you set up your home studio and give you a days tuition on how to use it.


Trevor Warrender allowed Cris to do this for him and said...


A huge thanks to Cris for his time, patience and especially expertise in helping me set up and try out my little portable studio! Having attended a couple of Cris’s studio courses I really got the bug for trying out some flash and portrait photography. Not only did Cris painstakingly put together a list of suitable and affordable equipment but gave his time in setting up and calibrating all the gear. He even selflessly volunteered to model for me too! He then proceeded to appraise and edit some of the results. Always inciting and educational spending time with this guy. He just enthuses you with knowledge and confidence.


Thanks again Cris for the day!

Studio Tuition at home....whether it be a new rig or you are just wanting to open up new horizons