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From Bridge Camera to DSLR...


Cris Janson-Piers has been teaching photography for several years and his students reap the benefits whether it be a course of 10 people or they opt for the very personal private 1 to 1 tuition.


From the beginner who just wants to learn about photography to the photographer who wants to speciailise in a certain area, all are well catered for.


See our prices at the bottom of this page.


Just a few of the testimonials Cris receives are below and they rather speak for themselves.


I am not a photographer, but love taking photographs and having done as much as I could do on my own to improve my pictures,  I approached Cris who was happy to tailor a full days photography course exactly to my  needs.   We spent the morning doing theory so that I could fully understand  how my bridging camera works (Panasonic Lumix FZ150) and the principles behind taking a good photograph.  I am not particularly technically minded and Cris was brilliant at taking me through the theory at a pace I could understand and very patient when I needed things explaining more than once!


The theory was followed  up with a practical session outdoors where I practised taking the same shots using different techniques to create different effects.  We practised this over and over again until I gradually became more confident with the camera.  It was a really useful day, and I felt I came away know SO  much more than I did before.   Several  people have since commented on the difference in some of my pictures now.


I can say, without hesitation, that nothing was too much trouble on the day of the course and that having completed it some months since now, Cris is still very happy to help me with any queries I have.  Thoroughly recommended!


Christine Booth.

Teaching Assistant

Lumix FZ150.

I'm new to photography and attended one of Cris' introductory courses. He explained the basics in a clear concise manner and demonstrated how to use my camera and it's features, instilling confidence and giving me the skills to take amazing pictures.


Re Cris' work: Amazing images showing beautiful clarity and detail by a professional, dedicated, enthusiastic, patient and committed photographer. Cris's knowledge and ability to provide quality photographic work is second to none.


Darryl Bagley


Lumix FZ200


I would just like to say thankyou for the photography course I have just been on with yourself.

I came on this course knowing not a great deal but your professionalism and expertise are second to none also your patience even when I kept getting it wrong you were always on hand to put me right.....thouroughly enjoyable course, would recommend Cris Janson-Piers a true gentleman and professional.

thank you once again.

                                         Mr William  Allsopp

                                         Security Officer

                                         Nikon DSLR

Thank you to all the people who offered testimonials, I am sorry I could not use them all.

Cris, you helped me discover an interest in photography that I never knew I had. You are able to convey important aspects and fundamentals of photography to people with little or no experience, which got me from just taking a photo to wanting to get a better shot and learn something new each time. You showed me what a great experience it is getting out there, doing something you enjoy, no matter what you are shooting. I can't thank you enough!


Luke Farmer

Engineer  MEng (Hons) CEng MIMechE

Nikon DSLR


Awaiting write up


David Maltby

Canon DSLR


Lumix Bridge Camera


“Cris’ passion and enthusiasm for photography is

infectious. He is inspiring and supportive and his

lessons are constructed in such a way as to be

accessible to both beginner and the more advanced

photographer looking to improve the quality of their


Cris has taught me more than just how to take a

good photograph; he has taught me how to get the

most out of my camera in a variety to situations and

how to think about what sort of picture I want and

how to capture it in that moment.


I have also been fortunate enough to have been on

a variety of day trips with Cris. These sessions have

been both rewarding and informative. There really is

no better feeling than coming home from a fun and

fulfilling day out to view the amazing photographs that I was able to capture with Cris’ guidance and support.


Of course, all good tuition needs to be consolidated and Cris has designed a thorough and comprehensive set of workbooks and challenges to ensure that you have really understood how to take, and what makes, a great photograph. I found these particularly rewarding as it gave me the ability to go out and take some fantastic shots on my own and to realise that I could do it with confidence.


Cris has taught me more than how to take some great photographs though. He has shown me how rewarding photography can be and he has given me an outlet to express my creativity in a new and exciting way. Cris’ passion for photography is evident from the moment you meet him and I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed. He is a professional who is not only genuine and supportive, but also willing to share his experience and knowledge to help you in your endeavours.


Thank you Cris.”


Samantha Lynch


Nikon DSLR

One of my first and most attended students

sam with d7000 albert dock crop mono web




Cris' tuition fees vary depending on if it is a group or individual booking and also depending if it is on location etc. He can cater for  the beginner right through to the advanced student who want's to specialise in a certain area.


The most popular two courses by far are the beginners guide to photography either on a one to one basis or in groups as small as 6 and no more than 10. This course is suitable for Bridge or DSLR Camera users as it is about the principles of photography and is not camera specific. Individuals booking courses can specify which camera they will be using as Cris will be dealing with you personally and hands on so he will want to know what you intend to shoot on.


All these courses run from 10am-4pm (Which includes some classroom work) with a lunch break (packed lunch reqd).

Individual one to one beginners guide to photography course £95.00 for the day.

A group of 6 reduces the above to £85.00 per person and a group of 10 is £75.00 per person.


Cris, as a follow up, also does optional assignment packs were you will be sent on your way with a project and critiqued after.


For a quote on any other course please email Cris through the

contact page 

and state the specific area and level you require.








Cris' 2015 Seminar for Rotherham Photographic Society "The Need for Speed"  on sports photography was met with great enthusiasm and he received high praise from all the members. Seminars are readily available in a wide array of Cris' specialist areas.

Just Call 07973 748907.

I took up digital photography in 2013 and wanted to improve and after a chance meeting with Cris I arranged to do one of his 1 to 1 tuition courses.

People used to say "your photo's are good", and why pay for tuition when you can go out and practice.

I didn't listen to them and after an amazing time on the course I learned to "see" a photo opportunity as well as

capture the image. They now comment "Your photo's are amazing, how do you do that".


Cris' attitude to photography and his professionalism is second to none.

I not only gained an improved skill and knowledge of photography, I gained a great friend, who continues to pass on his skill whenever we meet on days out putting my new skills to use.


I recommend any one to take A course with Cris, You will be

astonished by the improvement in your images


Trevor Jones 63 Years

Canon Eos 600D and 70D



Trevor seen here photographed by Cris  on his Barry Sheene

Suzuki Replica. Nikon D810.

trev web

Out on your desired Location...Studio and Lighting courses...

studio a1

Fees ...

No studio? You can hire ours for the day or half day or learn how to use your own, reasonably priced portable set up to create professional results.


Lighting courses can be conducted at our studio on a 1 to 1 basis for that personal touch.


                                                                                                         There are 2 expressions which stick in the mind:


                                                                                                         Owning an expensive camera and glass, does not make

                                                                                                         you a photographer…


                                                                                                         Having some knowledge, can be worse than no knowledge

                                                                                                         at all!


                                                                                                         The brief I gave to Cris was “I want to take sharper images”  

                                                                                                         Mission Accomplished!                                                                                                                                                                          










The day started sat in the coffee shop, with a conversation and a couple of skills practices. The point of both becomes abundantly clear as the day progresses.


Part of the conversation is a subtle assessment, to identify your knowledge (and understanding of the various terminology) so the learning will be applied in a manner and at a pace which is tailored to you.


Moving into YWP, our chosen location for the day, the subjects we discussed were put into practice at various locations throughout the park. The idea being the animals have different colours, markings and behaviours requiring planning and forethought. Shots were constructively critiqued and retaken using various different camera and lens settings, to demonstrate how various functions of the camera work and how to take control of the camera to capture the image how you want it…


Some of the shots taken however, were odd to say the least, (for example — a winch wheel for feeding giraffes about 25 feet high) but we weren’t there to take competition standard images - This part of the day was about nailing the exposure for the subject in your image.


The final part of the day was a re-cap and review of the images taken, the settings used and why and finally a discussion on processing. I’d say the shot of the day was certainly the image of Vlad which was converted to mono.


I certainly came away from the day re-invigorated, with a much better understanding of how my camera works and how to control it. I also have a clear idea of how to put into practice the skills and I really really need to read the instructions to my camera again!


As a final word - I attended a track day last year where a chap had spent well over £10k ‘upgrading’ his motorbike to go faster. A good friend had rented a stock motorbike and purchased tuition. My friend (who was, on his rented stock bike, quicker than the upgrade guy) improved by 4 seconds a lap. The other guy spent half his time worrying about suspension settings and trye pressures, then he crashed. Which person are you…?


Savour that present of the Beluga Cris also… You earned it!



Phil Thornton


Canon 5D MKii


phil thornton ywp web

I was bought the photography day with Cris for Christmas 2015. I really didn’t know what to expect from the day, however, Cris was in touch with me via email from early January and asked how much I knew about cameras, what experience I had and what I wanted to gain from the day.


I had purchased a DSLR camera not long before Christmas and had tried experimenting with the different settings, not all turning out how I wanted, so I asked Cris to show me how to use the settings on my camera properly and that I liked landscapes and buildings, but was open to any ideas.


Cris tailored the day to suit my requirements perfectly! He was very knowledgeable  about my camera, had different lenses that I could try out and he also showed me the software he used to edit his amazing photos.


We started the day with a good chat about using the camera and then went to Blyton Park (fast car racing) where I was introduced to panning photography, something which I had never tried. We then went onto Roche Abbey where I learnt to take great photos of the building and long exposure shots of a waterfall nearby.


Cris was a great teacher, easy to get on with, full of knowledge, ideas and patience. He also offered to advise on any equipment/lenses I was interested in buying for my camera. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend to anyone from beginner point and shoot stage to advanced.


Daniel  Taylor


Nikon D3200

dan foto course 2 april 2016 web

My tuition with Cris was well structured.


Cris asked me to put together a pre-shoot wish list so that he could tailor the tuition to my specific needs and ability.


We started the day discussing my pre-shoot questions and changing some of the settings on my camera.


At my request Cris spent a little time making sure that my equipment was focussing accurately. His opinion as a professional photographer, who has extensive knowledge of the different camera makes and DSLR bodies, was really valuable.


Because I was considering investing in a new wildlife lens Cris generously allowed me to road test one of his very expensive prime lenses.


The rest of the day was spent concentrating on the specific areas that I'd asked Cris to cover. His instruction was clear and patient. I found his teaching style collaborative and the feedback constructive. We certainly covered a lot during this enjoyable and productive day.


Marie Rollitt

Nikon D750.

I have only been doing photography for a few weeks so I went to Cris's one to one course feeling apprehensive as I knew very little about it. Cris put me at my ease straight away and started to explain the fundamentals at a pace I could understand. I had an amazing day with him ,his enthusiasm and professionalism were inspiring.


I now know what my camera is capable of doing and I am looking forward to many years of practicing. If you are reading this review you are obviously interested. Please take my word for it when I say this course is well worth it financially. It's definitely money well spent and knowledgeably rewarding. I have gone from point and press and getting a reasonable image to achieving a shot which people say WOW to.


No exaggeration, the difference in my images after Chis's tuition and helping me tweak settings is phenomenal , and I can not believe the difference. The pictures I take for the rest of my life will all benefit from Cris's course

Many thanks Cris 10/10


Steve Corbett

Sony A58

S/E Decorator

cris n steve teaching steve corbetts comparison


"Would you let an insurance company insure your car if they didn't have the correct credentials?"

NO! Then please only use an instructor or Tutor who has the experience and the qualifications to teach you!



Hi Cris,


You are an amazing photographer, love all your work.

You have high quality and you are also a prolific shooter. I don't know how you keep up the processing of the images you shoot. I shoot maybe a tenth of what you shoot and I have a huge backlog of files to edit.


Anyway, I enjoy your photostream very much.


Paul Chan

Technicial Service Specialist

Fujifilm Canada Inc.

WOW...So Pleased to receive this email!!!!

diamond lecture theatres sheffield hdr

"Photographing Wild and Captive Animals"



Cris' Photography Seminar he delivered to the Sheffield University Photography Society at the Diamond was full of great tips, fantastic example photos and included a reminder as to how to preserve the dignity of the majestic animals we hoped to capture on our upcoming trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


Our society's members are from all different skill levels, from instagram photographers to professionals. Cris managed to talk in a way which did not exclude some of the less experienced members of the society, but without going too slowly for the more experienced among us.


I appreciated the way that he talked candidly about what kind of equipment worked for him, and was not afraid to let us on to a few of his secret tips and equipment tricks which he finds most useful. All of our members' questions were answered with a keen technical as well as artistic consideration, which I appreciated greatly.


Too often photographers get obsessed with the camera they are using, rather than the images they are creating. His knowledgeable and enthusiastic delivery could have kept me listening for hours!


Frankie Morshead

University of Sheffield Photosoc

trevor warrender web

I'm not particularly new to photography and I do have a simple grasp of the basics but I recently invested a considerable sum in a new bridge camera.


I've taken reasonable photos in the past but often been disappointed with the results and felt they lacked something that I didn't think I was capable of producing. I met Cris and instantly clicked (pun intended) with him and after doing some research into his background and viewing his work I approached him with my dilemma.


After a short chat I decided to book a one to one instruction day with him. This man has a passion for his photography that is infectious, a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and more tips than Ladbrokes!

The course was tailored to my specific camera and Cris took the time to establish what I already understood and what my current capabilities were.



We started off in his studio with some basic introduction and then spent a pleasant afternoon at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. All I can say is my interest in photography is now rekindled but more importantly my confidence to take better and more professional looking photographs has been massively boosted!


Thanks Cris.

Trevor Warrender.

A lovely message from a student I taught just today....  29 3 2017



Having spent the day with Cris at Rufford Abbey, a location I hadn't been to before, I was able to put into practice the skills Cris and I had discussed in the morning prior to our practical afternoon.


I feel as though my photography has already developed loads in just one day, my skills have increased and I have grasped more of the basics of photography.


Cris is a great teacher and was able to demonstrate what I needed to be shown when I didn't quite understand things and there were also plenty of giggles along the way, which made it fun at the same time as learning.



Thanks very so much Cris



lou on tamron n my 7d

Well today was a very special day indeed. My daughter Louise very kindly booked me a day with Cris so that I may enhance my photography skills and knowledge in the area’s that I have some experience of and also to move me out of my comfort zone and try something completely new.

Prior to our day together Cris had researched my images on Flickr and identified what my interestes were and where my strengths and weakness lay. Based on this research he tailored the day to my needs.

We started the day with a chat about the what we would be doing and some further fact finding by Cris into my understanding of photography over a coffee.


One of my biggest passions is aviation and photgraphing aircraft so Cris had kindly arranged a visit ot a local airport to work through some technique ideas with me and to allow me to put into practise some of the tips he had for me improving my shots. The improved results were immediate to see with better exposure, focusing and panning evident. With the airshow season around the corner I will be able to put all of this to very good use to enhance my work as I further practise with them and continue to develop.


Following lunch Cris had arranged a session in his studio for me with a wonderful young model called Tamsin. This was the scary bit of the day for me as I had always ran away whenever the chance of studio work had arisen in the past.


Wow what an experience. Its difficult to believe that you can learn so much about a totally new area of your hobby in an afternoon. The session gave me a good understanding of the effects of lighting and flash to light your model/subject and how the slightest of changes to the angle and/or power of the lights can have a major effect on the image altering the mood completely. I left the studio with a thirst to do further sessions to increase my understanding and confidence.


Despite the amount I learnt today it was not as a result of following a structered formal training plan as would be the case in a group collage course like I have undertaken in the past. Cris had researched my work and set things up for the day in a way in which he thought I would get most from it, but the day just continued to evolve as he tailored it to meet my specific needs throughout as we chatted and examined the shots taken. This ensured that he didn’t go over again and again the bits I was ok with and that he continued to stretch me and challenge me to think about what I could do to make improvements.


The technique Cris employs by guiding rather than direct ‘do this, do that’ works very well for me and I look forward to further sessions with him in the future to further enhance my understanding of all things photography. I am sure that if you undertake a session with him you will end the day feeling as excited as I am about the chance of putting into practise what I have learnt today.


A huge thank you to Cris for his expert guidance and patience, to Tamsin for making me feel so relaxed in what started out as quite a nervy scenario, and to Louise for kindly arranging the day for me.

Have a great day when you take a course with Cris.



All the very bestKev Barwell

Customer Services

kev pic mono philippa on the 7D and 300mm f4 100400 web philippa on the 7D and 300mm f4 STRESSED web

Spot the difference ...

Wow! Had my photography lesson yesterday with Cris and what an improvement. I started out being an amateur whom got in a massive panic and fraught trying to quickly get my shots in. I was  producing pictures more like colourful piccies rather than actual photographs. Cris NEVER belittles and is genuine and honest and immediately knows where your problems lie. He explains things really well and is really patient and NEVER makes you feel stupid nor ashamed. He takes time to explain it all and his passion for photography shows. He is genuinely interested in helping you improve- and he has done that! He  has now got me taking photographs of quality.

I improved within minutes of having a sit down lesson. There was a lady, whom was just behind us while I was having my lesson and  she was obviously taking photo’s for her hobby. I think she could see that I was becoming less fraught and really learning.She could see Cris was a good instructor and how much I was getting from the lesson. This gave her the courage to ask him for a business card.


Cheers Cris-Great day, totally worth it.



(Self Employed)

Canon 7D Mki

Philippa allowed me to use both of the images above, in fact it was her suggestion....she said the two images showed exactly how she felt before my advice and tuition started, very fraught and stessed.


You can literally see the relaxation in the top image, better photography stance, at one with the camera and the results after that were amazing!


A pleasure to teach, hopefully Philippa has been instilled with confidence from this session.

Hi Cris


I wanted to say a huge thank you for your tutorial, I found the session to be informative and friendly, completely catering to my current level of photography my requirements. You went above and beyond to work around my family commitments and offered a fabulous shoot location which resulted in a brilliant day out, full of knowledge and experience which has now enabled me to produce higher quality images and a greater understanding of how to shoot my chosen genre


I really look forward to seeing you soon for the

next session and cannot recommend you more

highly, I just wish I had done it sooner!


Kind Regards Laura

lauras lion by cris 1 softened edge laura on course web chloe with camera1 comp 222 cpy web

Recently I ran a 1 to 1 course over a three week period which was sponsored by my own company and also with equipment off a local photographer who is also one of my students, what a lovely gesture.


The equipment is now to stay with us for good to help other young people get a start in what could even end up as a career fr some!!


With Chloe being a minor, her mum passed comment on her behalf...she said..."Thank you so much Cris, Chloe's  really enjoyed the last 3 weeks. I can't thank you enough for giving her the opportunity. xx  


Chloe used the course to help finalise a School project of which she has since received an "A" for....well done Chloe we are all so pleased for you!


We are awaiting a magazine cover she designed with course photos on it to display on this site.

Trevor warrenders studio set up day 10 01 2018_InPixio


Complete tuition on Home or Portable Studio Setup

Let Cris come to your home and firstly advise you on the best lighting set ups, where to get them from a great prices and then return and help you set up your home studio and give you a days tuition on how to use it.


Trevor Warrender allowed Cris to do this for him and said...


A huge thanks to Cris for his time, patience and especially expertise in helping me set up and try out my little portable studio! Having attended a couple of Cris’s studio courses I really got the bug for trying out some flash and portrait photography. Not only did Cris painstakingly put together a list of suitable and affordable equipment but gave his time in setting up and calibrating all the gear. He even selflessly volunteered to model for me too! He then proceeded to appraise and edit some of the results. Always inciting and educational spending time with this guy. He just enthuses you with knowledge and confidence. Thanks again Cris for the day!


tom DSC00172 cpy web

"I tend to take photos outside using natual light. I have never done studio photography, and I've also been a bit wary when it comes to using flash.


Cris' photography tuition really helped me get an understanding in the different types of lighting setups, when and where I could use flash to get a better lit subject (even in an outdoor setting), and how to interact with the people I am shooting (Molly is a star!).


Cris' passion for photography and the technology behind it really helps you engage with what he is demonstrating, and gets you in the mood for trying it out; I was constantly picturing how the techniques being shown would help improve my own day to day photography.


All in all, I would definitely recommend this course, as it's really good to get out of your comfort zone especially when you can do it in a relaxed atmosphere, with a supportive tutor."


IT Dept Sheffield Uni'

“I have now been a keen photographer for many years mainly concentrating on landscape photography, I knew very little about flash photography at the start, I have attended each of Cris’s courses on flash photography and can highly recommend this,


Cris’s knowledge is second to none and he passes this onto the students well and makes it very easy to understand what can be a complicated area of photography he is very happy to take the time in these well structured courses to make sure that everything is understood,


I would highly recommend anyone to attend any of his courses to help improve no matter what level they consider them selves to be. ”


Glyn Smith


glyn smith hs web

I got my Canon ESO 1100D camera around 4 years ago, read the booklet and thought I new how to use it, (I thought wrong) I would blame the camera or the weather for years  if my pictures didn't turn out how I wanted them, I thought I would have to buy a more expensive camera.


But after my lesson with Cris I realised that it was user error. He showed me settings in my camera that I didn't even know about.


Now im excited to take the camera out and practice my new skills.



Olivia Starkie

olivia DSC_3868 web